Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kahlil Gibran..

"Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children."

Kahlil Gibran
Lebanese Poet and Novelist

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Inner Child..

Life teaches us alot. Growing isn't an option. We grow with time... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually... but the growth might be either way, growing better or going worse...
Changing faces, adapting to the situation, realizing, understanding, compromising... so much one learns and accepts...
They [parents, teachers, friends etc] tell us how to dress up, how to eat, drink, talk, laugh, cry, comment, compliment... Oh! So much to care about... and this world has a strange habit of making rules for everything. RULES.. rules dominate all our lives and we, either the better slaves or worst masters, always associate our lives with these rules... someday, we become masters and make rules on our own... in our minds and hearts. And someday, we become slaves to the rules They make of us.. and who are they? well, everyone except Us belongs to They.. and who are Us? I think I don't have that answer...
I don't care whether it's about breaking rules or following them... Rules, never existed anywhere...if you look down inside..
Because inside each one of us, is a child.. the Intransigent angel. The stubborn child of God. He knows no compromises. He doesn't understand "understanding"... If he likes something, he asks for it,shouts for it, cries for it... you can take that thing away from him, but he doesn't compromises... It's not because he doesn't follow rules or break them, but.. rules simply don't exist!! Rules always work as a barrier between feel and action... what that child feel, he does...
They say we shouldn't dream. We shouldn't let everything flow.. We should follow...we do follow... but what about that stubborn child??
This world is not made up of concrete.. it has tiny holes in it.. holes that show the way to eternity and peace. We, the civilizied people are way too big to pass through that holes... but that child isn't... I want to live like that child so that when no one is looking, I'll slip through that hole... to my Father.. The Stubborn God..!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It was Today..

ahhhh... finally 'm back to my very own computer! It was a looonnnggg day, today.. and a very exhausting one! both physically and mentally. To start with, I woke up around 10... and saw my mum ignoring me, for a reason that is unknown still... I had better reasons for her to yell at me but since I was already late, I avoided any kind of discussion and left home around 10 30. It was sooo verry hottt today... We have like Central Reading Room where we can sit and study quietly.. then we have our own departmental library.. then we have a research centre library.. but we [me and one of my friend] chose central cafeteria to study... for a reason I still dont know! Loads of discussions.. minutes of silence... then again discussions and then a prolonged silence.. why? We are in Examination hall now. There, both of my hands were occupied. Ofcourse I was writing with one and in other hand I had to keep my hanky.. No I didn't have flu but Its f***ingly hard to attempt a damn tricky biochemistry paper in such hot conditions and who can forget the loadshadings! but the electricity did come 45 minutes before the finishing time.. for that I'm thankful to the KESC... Ehsaan hai unkaa..

Then, we immediately had our Lab.. It was fun there but seeing people getting very tensed was very exhausting in its own way... I along with 6 of my close friends were last to go in for the about 8:00 in the dark.. It was like more of a chat about the standards and future of food technology in Pakistan then about the concerned course!

Then, we walked from our department to the main gate in dark...very dark indeed! It was fun though... as we were making fun all through the way... I think I've found good people here.. but Univerisity of Karachi at night is quite scary I tell u.

Came home.. took shower... ate a burger, slept for a hour o so and here I'm.. tired, exhausted but 'm sure I gonna sleep very calmy tonight...[:)]

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a Thought...

I dont know.. but whenever I see this picture.. It makes me smile.. [:)]