Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rumi, Jinnah and Nobody

A lot of things coming to my mind tonight, as I begin to write my second post in nearly five months. Yeah been quiet I know, but tonight its like home coming. Bits and pieces all gelling together entailing no effort from my side. It happens you know, when things appearing from different dimensions begin to harmonize each other. Defining each other. Completing each other at crucial junctures. It's worth exploring; the synchronization that resides within us is the synchronization that surrounds us as well. This sense of balance is undoubtedly what makes our world so beautiful. Each fragment, in right proportion. A masterpiece.

While reading Maulana Rumi today, I came to understand something about Mr. Jinnah. Something inherently important about this enigmatic man. Something that had puzzled me since I started to read about him. About his personal life beyond being the Quaid. And his relationship with Ruttie his wife, and Dina.

Tonight as my city burns, I'm here with these two gentlemen, complementing each other so beautifully.

I m not disentangling/entangling any further. At least tonight.

And yeah, Welcome back Noor!! (: