Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating Value

It’s a sight to behold. How he packs up his school bag, slipping books in one at a time, ever so carefully. These books and that stationery box with perfectly sharpened pencils may well be his only treasure; at least that is how it seems from here. Has he already realized the value of these books? I am not sure. Would he always care for them, manage them the way he does now? I can’t say.

No one I believe can really look into the mind of a young kid and map out his thinking process. Or perhaps I feel no one should. You know the principals and followers of some unknown revolutionary paradigm must realize, that there are processes in this world which are sensitive by nature, and connected such inherently with different factors that it is almost unbelievable how a seemingly insignificant input, of words, thoughts, or perception, could in actual change the entire process. Like a dent, for life. How a child develops and how he understands our world is, I believe, one such process. It does not need that ‘shaping – melting – reshaping’ exercise, it does not depend on our participation either; all it needs is some support, to augment what is already in there.

We have been undervaluing this for long, tangled in the debate of nature and nurture. Perhaps our job, as teachers, parents and society, is nothing but to hold back our guide books and just assist through the journey.

Journey that leads to the glory. And character.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Through the Night

Deep down inside, if you really want to experience, and experience the damned fucking contentment of life, what your mind feels and what your heart thinks would gradually become irrelevant. You wish to budge things along, as they would want you to, needlessly trying to keep everyone happy; but haven’t you realized; your baggage full of empty windows, and broken mugs, and untouched possibilities and compromised dreams, and disregarded sacrifices, and pictures, and wishes, and cards and gifts and carefully folded gift papers, and pictures and text messages and… blank text messages…

You got to move. Real. Forward. But not being frenzied. Appreciate the craft. Add. Lose yourself, in it.

How else would you correlate delirium and meditation? And haven't you realized, they always go together.