Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life in a Metro [2]: Cynically yours

I think I was somewhere around 13 14 at that time. I was walking across a road, getting back home. Was alone and just like any other kid of that age, strictly directed by family not to talk to strangers or even go near them.

Just as I was passing across a sheermaal house, I heard a voice from behind:

"Dost baat suno.."

I turned around to find a young, tall pathan guy wearing white shalwar kameez standing there looking at me.

"Dost roti ke liye kuch madad kardo... ghar par chotey behan bhai bhookey hain.."

I said nothing. Gave nothing. But just before walking away hastily, I did manage to see in his eyes. For some fractional part of a second. And those eyes have followed me since then.

Needed no proofs. I know he wasn't lying. His eyes had that truth. That hunger. That helplessness. I was a kid then who got terrified by such sudden encounter, but sometimes I still regret... I could have helped him in some way. Yes he was a young man, seeming fit to do any kind of physical work but. I don't know. I just could have helped him. Even if he was lying...


Sometimes I compute... I literally spend thousands every month eating out with friends.

And then I talk about food shortage in Africa. Infra human conditions in other parts of the world. Makes me feel like a hypocrite.

Just a few days back, a friend proclaimed on her Facebook status that Pakistan's on verge of a revolution. And that would be brought by the 'youth' of this country. Hmmmm.. I think I don't agree. In fact I think this is one of the most ridiculous, shit of a claim I have heard in a long time. Its sickening. Disgusting thing to read. Me, you and everyone else around us who claims to be that 'youth' of this nation should feel embarrass on the insignificant shit we have acquired after years of strenuous hard work. We have meticulously cultivated germs of mediocrity.

While watching local channels, when a young desi Blondie wearing a tight fitted T-shirt wave a Salaam at you, you don't know what exactly to do. Left confused. Whether to reply her salaam in proper Islamic sense or just continue staring her breasts poking out of her branded T-shirt. I have no objections with her wear, but that salaam is utterly disturbing.

Too cynical? Few of my 'she' friends would read this. They won't like it I suppose. But what to do? Big cities like Karachi do have some idiots like me as well.

You don't worry. Just take care!

Link to Life in a Metro [1]
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Friday, April 23, 2010

When I play, I don't care!

image: Babyface

Me Again!

This is nothing but hazy confusion. In times of utter mess, when the entropic calculations are at their highest, and when the triumphs are so delicately yet ruthlessly tangled with defeats, one is justified to ask a lot questions.

Just few minutes back, I was sitting with my nephew Armaan, watching cartoons in his room..

Armaan (With his finger pointing): Chachu, please go and switch off those washroom lights.

Me (With my eyes fixed on TV): Yeah...

Armaan: Do it now na! Or mother earth will die!!


This came as one shocker. Took few minutes to comprehend that just yesterday was World Earth Day and he must have learned all this at his school. Made me smile. Isn't this one of those miracles which we wait to happen all our lives? Or like a moment, when we start connecting backwards. Aren't we taking ourselves just too seriously? Like grown up adults who also happen to be deteriorated human beings? Like God whispering in Armaan's ear, "Son, this little thing (Me) is acting weird since few days now.. make him learn something new today.." And I know, Armaan is closer to God than me.

I don't care if I sound insane and absolutely incomprehensible tonight. Doing all this after a long long time. Just too tired of playing sensible and logical, which am not. And you know it. Just few more minutes and I'll be that dominating Noor again.

And btw, I LOVED My Name is Khan. I think its an outstanding movie. One of the best I have ever seen.

Take Care.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Connect Within

Jaam e Fanaa Bekhudi.. Ab tou peeya,

Jo ho so ho...

Its you!

Oh take me back to the stars...

Image: Khomenko - Deviantart