Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bus hay itni

Khuwahish dil ki

Ksh -mou- ksh na ho

Kaash ki

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Your answer

The story of conventionalism is very much localized. For your distinction may not have anything to do with how humanity dwells in the regions where you have never lived. If you do not belong, you can not be unconventional. Perhaps out of place, at best. And someday, while crossing street or just conversing with friends, or being trapped by the proverbial schedule of confusion, you will realize how difficult yet desirable it is to be both relevant and unconventional, together, at the same time.

It is indeed your own setting, your own habitat that defines conventions.

Have you ever thought, what makes someone intriguing, more intricate than others.






quiet Confidence.



Look around.

What... you see.

And this, my friend... not a question.

Perhaps, your answer.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

..when you wake up to such emails!

I am heading to bed after watching a really depressing movie about Algeria's independence (for a class) and writing a page and a half of my econ paper. I smoked a cig tonight, but not to get away or anything. I just wanted to...don't know why. I miss you, really.

Every few minutes, I get urges to pick up my phone and tell you what I am up to, despite knowing you would not read it until after several hours. My paper is still incomplete and I didn't finish the movie or reading for any one the classes I have tomorrow. I will wake up early to finish the paper.

After getting back from the meeting, I spent a good couple of hours just missing you. It was difficult to come to peace with the knowledge that I would go to bed alone second night in row now.

I hope you are sleeping and dreaming very well.

Love you so much.

March 14, 2013