Monday, February 23, 2009

Breathe In, Breathe Out

No, Nothing less. Want it 24*7. I need it this way. Yes most of the time its about engulfing the brutal facts BUT not always. There are moments, those precious little gem like... when you get to remove those blinders. And slash off those sadistic black visors that prevent you from reaching inside. They make you run through a fixed predetermined axis.. day after day.. year after year. Triumphs, failures, excitements, enticements, pain, fear, love, regret... Hey!! You're actually doing quite good on that encoded blueprint.. that fixed axis. 


But what if one day, you realize that you never looked beyond. And never opened out? In fact, you reached for the outcasts, the outsiders and directed them in. Does one realize that its important to understand this synchronization? That its important to reach inside and open outside? That inner should come out and outer shouldn't go in. Everything around that axis is an illustrative inner image marked by some precised moments. Its now and then its gone. Infinity lies within. Humans are the nothing but illustrative images of the infinity that resides within themselves. Humanity indeed, is infinite. Relationships are nothing but descriptive images of the infinity called Love. War is nothing but the exploratory reflections of the infinity called Hate.

Love should come out, relationships shouldn't go in. Can hurt. 

There is one thing I don't understand, though. Windows.. Do they open in? or out?


Image: Sortvind - Deviantart

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rehna Tu.. Hai Jaisa Tu

Tujhe badalna na chahoon
Rati bhar bhi sanam
Bina sajawat, milawat
Na zyaada na hi kaam

Tuhje chaahon jaisa hai tu...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Learn those basic facts. Relax, as the outcomes are decided. Don't look back and don't' look back. Love isn't coming back, dreams are the goners. Its scary.. to see those clouds gather.. white, gray, black.. Boom!!!! And its raining. Coldplay is going live but you can't hear them. You try to smile but no one is looking at you. And then you cry... Oh you're so melting.. your emotions dripping.  

"Why did you prefer medicine over philosophy, Shabnam?" 

"May be the mysteries of the human body are less confusing!"


Break free and let it go. Your extremities wont let you live, you want to live no? I know you love me but my destiny lies somewhere else. You know, my life isn't my story... The complications that I suffer are not mine. The corridors of my emotions, the windows of my expressions...  and all those vacant moments... its all like a puzzle where 'everything' and 'nothing'  questions are not asked. I can hear those strange whispers. Can you? 


You say you identify me? Do you even get a word?