Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Conventional Story of Newness

We know 'Human Resource' but we don't know how use it, where to use it. We should try... to celebrate true human potential. As true men were never hired, never 'trained' to achieve something extraordinarily great. Space should be given; let people do best work of their lives. True excellence unquestionably lies in the ability to entertain conflicting, often improbable combinations of thoughts, words and feelings. Conventional wisdom shall always be challenged, as it is nothing but an appalling attempt to dent evolutionary growth of truest and most authentic human potential. Paradoxes shall always be treated with respect. They should always be cultivated in an organization, a family or between two people. Its important to ask questions, and to find answers to them. But not more than rejoicing your true identity. Your ability to connect to your own self while dealing, playing, fooling around some of the most bizarre combinations of people, places and knowledge.

I try not to be arrogant or proud. But I take pride in what I do. I am nothing but a combination of every single thing that doesn't involve me. Connected but aloof. Mysterious but in an idiotic manner.

Here. Alive. Thank God.

And peace be with those departed...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love for Life

There is always an attitude, a quiet confidence when you really love something/someone. Being consistent is all about being confident; Being confident is essentially an output of love. Not necessarily about 'floating in the air' but something more earthy. A self sustaining belief, a gracious look in those eyes; Just to make you feel warm... Just to let you know that no matter, I will never give up. I will never crumble, never quit .. never say that I don't want it anymore.

Its learning for a lifetime you know. Love beyond the scope of 'attainment' has always challenged history, and often, changed it as well. The tremendous capacity of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to love, the undying and non-negotiable intensity of Hussain (A.S)... Why do they mourn? Don't they already know that an Imam's Noor is beyond his body..

I find an amazing attitude in what Hussain (A.S) and 72 of his devoted fellowmen did. Something that so convincingly explains the quiet confidence I was talking about earlier.

This is what we miss so much in our lives. Our religion, our societal norms, our relationships, our expressions, our education and health care systems, our perspective of life, individual and collective... is so deprived of love. Do I need to ask why there's so much turbulence, confusion and ridiculous inconsistency around us these days?

Questions are good, but questions do leave marks. Marks when answered and scars... unanswered..