Monday, October 10, 2011


We dwell in our minds. Perceptions that keep on growing, evolving from infinitesimal notions to monstrous egos and ideologies. When I see around, I see my people tumbling in conflicts, debating endlessly, molesting each others sensitivities... crushing lives, trouncing minds and squeezing hearts in their nonsensical and absurd state of fury. It isn't a zero sum game really; you don't have to lose for me to win, you don't have to agree with me on everything to be my friend.

Facebook is an interesting space to be in. Some day back a friend updated his status 'Finally.. justice has been done. LHC has given death penalty to Mumtaz Qadri'. 10 more minutes.. and another one came.. 'AllahoAkbar.. Ya Rasul Allah tere chahne waalon ki khair..'. Hmmm. Interesting. One day you travel with a bunch of colleagues with loud music, next day you are with a person petrifying you with his halal haram stories. Now I don't really know or care why people think/believe in a certain way, but I absolutely abhor to be in a place so torn between extremities, so blunt and distastefully crammed that it offers not even a tinniest hole to breathe. Suffocating. Utterly nauseating.

Every child is a born artist, he has this magnificent way of seeing things. Blue red green yellow.. all colors are sharp then. May not be bright every time but nevertheless, all of them are distinct.. all of them are important. As a child grows up, a strange phenomenon takes over.. opinions begin to capture him, judgments are seeded in his naive mind like a surgical conspiracy. It is difficult to survive really. They throw you in a cage and ask you to fly. Believe in yourself. Can you imagine the agony of a girl who has to make her mind, force herself prepare herself to marry someone he doesn't even know. Or a woman who has no option but to have sex with a person she hates so much? Like a person who beats her every other night?

Stay blessed before it kills you.

image: seafoodmwg