Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Because no one is like you - I

We are six months old today. Six incomparably beautiful months of my life. Six months of uninterrupted togetherness. Countless hours spent in each other’s arms. Conversations that often led to passionate lovemaking; Lovemaking, that had no track of time, as many of our days were all about being in bed. Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Athens, Rome… seems like a dream, no?

I remember the night we got together. You were wearing that blue shirt, your eyes glowing like I had seen never before, your face, calm. Fourteen hours of conversation, thousands of miles between us, completely unaware of what is to come in next few months. That was New York – Wageningen my dear, soon to be Karachi – Wageningen.  While I was flying back to Karachi, I had absolutely no idea how long are we going to last; how many times are we going to see each other, with so many of societal, familial limitations around us. And then, a strange sense of nervousness… ‘How it would be to meet her in person?’


Kahva was simply beautiful, wasn’t it? We connected instantly, and then over and over again, seeing each other eight times in three weeks of my stay in Karachi. Is that a lot? Well, to set some scale, I met my best friend twice (for fifteen minutes) and all my other friends and relatives  just once during this period. We ended up watching YJHD thrice in cinema, that too in Ramadan. Hahaha. I have never in my life seen a movie thrice in such short intervals, let alone in cinema. But well, was I ever watching the movie? I don’t think I even remember the story or all the characters.
I am about to reach my stop, soon to be with you. But I will write more. This, I figure is going to be a series of posts… a celebration of us.

I want to end now saying that this journey, with you my love has been one incredible experience. So full of emotions. You are my sunshine, your laughter makes my life brighter, your words make me feel so, so special. I feel so connected, so much in love with you that it is practically becoming extremely difficult for me to imagine myself without you. How is it ever going to happen.

Love you.

Like I have loved no one else.