Monday, November 24, 2008

Ainu Pyaar Da Chaska Ay Saain... Te Ishq Hi Aidi Liya Sakve

Aite Maththey Taaj Mohabbat Da... Akkhaan Vich Nasha ...Ibaadat Da

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It’s not about explaining things in a different way. It’s about seeing them from angles that are sometimes overlooked, tabooed, forbidden or hidden. It’s about reflecting on them. But is that really a possibility? If something practically exists, it can’t be tabooed and if it’s meant to stay untouched unknown, why would that thing possibly exist? It’s not just about the war between structuralism and functionalism, understanding them and then glamorizing them with cold, unfelt and proper inflected words.

People around me often ask "Why do you love playing with words so much?" "Why in the world you have this obsession of defining everything so differently?” No. It’s not like that. Seldom they realize, I don’t explain things differently, I rather see them that way. And then I question. That’s so natural. And pretty rational in case you heed about logic too much. Try this. Wear an outfit, stand in front of a mirror, see you reflection in it. A minute, two minutes. And? And then you start reflecting. That reflection isn’t just about that image of yours or your pretty outfit. It’s something beyond that. Some questions pop up, "Am I looking good?" "Have I gone plump?” et cetera. Something sometimes very basic and illogical. You can’t avoid this whole process. Yes you can ignore and break that cycle in between but if it has to complete, it should be about observing, reflecting and reflecting again and this process goes on and on. This very thing can make you stand in front of that mirror for hours!

They say an apple fell on Newton and he gave the ultimate gravity to the world. They missed such a key point there. They didn’t recognize even Newton couldn’t avoid the cycle since he was a human too. What happened is: An apple fell on Newton's head [He is observing], he absorbed and analyzed what had actually happened and why [Reflecting]. And he didn’t stop there. He questioned it. Queried it. Inquired. That’s so Reflecting Again. I told ya, it gives a complex, tangled mass of questions but then it worth it, no? Reflections are bound to yield magnum opus.

Watching, observing, absorbing, reflecting, questioning, and questioning... This whole process… It’s such a beautiful prodigy no? I believe answers are inherent to God and questioning to us, humans. This should be encouraged while educating ourselves. It’s such a core point. Irrespective of the answers, right wrong whatever, questions should be raised. A question should transcend into another question and if it goes like this, you allow yourself to get close to God, you allow Him to do what He does the best. You allow Him to ANSWER.

*Smiles*I know I'm getting absurd and incomprehensible day by day. Full sympathies with all those who love and want to be with me, but you see, I just say what I see, what I feel. Being with me can get silly, impractical and coarsely uneven but it mustn’t be dull. I live in a world where nothing ends… everything just transcends.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Take me by the hand..

Take me somewhere new..

I dont know who you're

But I...

I'm with you

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Proper Channel

Run a survey on blogger and you'll find a huge majority of green writers chanting or whining about their love affairs. You know what happens when you're overfilled with something and you can't express it out through a proper channel? You shit it away. Yes! It goes out that way. This is exactly what happens to us. We are loving but expression-less people. We love certain things but don't have any idea of how love or admiration can be shown. We love to watch theater but fail to switch off our consistently ringing cell phones. We love to be at exhibitions but fail to overlook art impostors. We love to talk but hate to listen, we love to eat but hate calories, we love to laugh but are constantly worried about our bad breath.

When you're overfilled with something and you can't express it out through a proper channel? You shit it away. Being expressionless has brought us to a point where a huge portion of ourselves is sprawling in shit. Our love is not just in the air, but its in our blood, in sweat and then in our shit too. All going wasted.

Loving should always be surrounded with expressions of appreciation and acceptance. Anything gone never comes back. Its important to express love. Switch off your phone and experience the magnanimity of art. Appreciate its beauty. Art can have an engrossing capacity. It can actually make you lose the sense of time. Experience it!

Express love by just listening what they have to say. Tonight, eat those oily prathas and chicken malai which you love so much. And do hell with calories. Go on! Laugh your lungs out. Raise your hands and dance all night. Don't worry about the odors. They are just the other way to express that you are for real.

When you're overfilled with something and you can't express it out through a proper channel? You shit it away. Give your love a proper channel. Shed inhibitions and express. Blunt.

Or it will all end in shit...

Sunday, November 2nd. 2008
5:32 PM

Saturday, November 01, 2008

You got to play - Revisited

Islam prohibits gambling. Actually, it prohibits a lot of things. I follow Islam as long as it doesn't hinder my expedition for adventure and allows me to chase my imaginations. Well, illusions most of the time. Now taking in no account of what impressionists and pseudo-intellectuals might say about this, I must say the Islam I follow encourages the search, the logic, and the adventure. Yes, alright but does it allow gambling? Well encouraging is another thing but it certainly doesn't prohibit. Not just gambling but anything. It believes in something like "Go check it out your self!!"...

Gambling can be like living. In gambling, there is just one action leading to a series of repercussions and aftermaths. You might play well, you might not. You might win, you might not! Whether it is lusciously kissing diva or scrupulously hitting security, everything lasts for some tiny edges of time. It’s so ironically amazing. When you are gaming and you have put everything on stake, the wheel stops in just few seconds deciding everything that is going to happen next. The action which segregates and then eliminates the losers from the winners is extremely short-lived and yet incredibly precise. It seems that as the gamblers bet for their lives, the wheel just keeps on playing a much safer game. “Pick The Odd One Out!” I constantly feel that we are gambling with life itself on stake. Choosing career, choosing mate, crossing road, riding bike, there are no tallies how many times in our lives we actually game. Yes, we might be meticulous of the action but just like gambling, the deciding action is very short lived and we are completely unaware of what is coming next. But we play, don’t we? And surely somewhere, somebody is playing that safer game… pick the odd one out!!