Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Ultimate 'Dheedhs'

1: 45 AM, I was working on a project when got a call from Imran's mother.

"Beta Imran has gone through an accident. He is in the hospital, quite serious"

OH damn!... I immediately switched off the work I was doing and called other friends... "AKU Emergency, jaldi!". I didn't tell anyone at home where was I going and just rushed out. I was shaken but not stunned, apprehensive of accident's severity but I somewhat knew what must have happened... I know Imran well.. and his ways.

15 minutes and here I was standing with his elder brother outside the room where doctors were working on him. 

"I don't know man! Whats ***king wrong with him. Hazaar baar samjhaya ke mat chalao tez, mat karo bike racing.. par nahin!". YesI was right like everyone else. This all was expected since a long time. 

After 6 days of unconsciousness and critical care, he finally resumed talking. That day, we just got to talk 4, 5 minutes before his father came in with food and all.  But those 5 minutes... that conversation... defines the way we live our lives. A belief that makes us poles apart from the rest. And it makes us come back for more...

First minute of our conversation:

"Kiya yaar!!! What's all this shit man?"


"Hmmmm.. Yeh!" I pointed at his broken plastered leg.

"Yeh? Aisehi. Chal Chor, aur suna!"

"Tu bata. Dard horaha hai?"



"But you know... I'm satisfied"


"Cuz just before I went down, I did what I wanted to do since a long long time... I actually performed that stunt! Now can you believe that?"

"Really? You did it? But how?"

*Smiles* For next 2, 3 minutes... he overlooked his pain and I forgot to be sympathetic. 

People like Imran are not afraid of the punishments. They are not afraid of fresh starts. They can start from anywhere they want. Their minds dream, their hearts feel, their souls survive. Sometimes... they might feel embarrassed... cuz of the failures they meet in this rationally but artificially crafted world. They might have a guilty conscience... cuz of the pain they give to people who love... cuz of the society finds them inapt for their own understanding.. 

But then..

They do have a bad memory too. No guilt no pain can halt the chase they revere so much. Made with a built-in ability to kill their  past and get back to life, these are actually the stubborn children of God. They are the 'Indisputable Dheedhs ' of the modern times...

And I somewhere believe.. They are the only ones who actually LIVE!

Image: DeviantArt 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



"Noor! I got highest in Process Engineering"

"Wow! That's great man. Well done!"

"Chor yaar re-sit tha!!!"

"Hain? Acha aur kitney bandey they?"

"Mein akela"

Jazzi laughs: "Haha! Abay yeh kiya chutiya-pana hai!!"


Nothings coming tonight. This is one un-animated and un-communicative version of pure expression. Oxymoron? May be. But then one gets to hear so much of them these days no? Stuff like legal murders and a smart ass! Mom suggests, "Wait, have patience". Now can you do both? You can either wait being edgy or can patiently say no to stuff coming ahead. Haina? But what to do with mom, she thinks other way. And she just can't be wrong. An incorrect mother would be a big BIG oxymoron! So you have to choose... your mother or your patience?

Hmmm... Such interesting name. Oxymoron? Being a hardcore chemistry student, it makes me think. Is it one oxidized form of a moron? And what if it reduces? De-oxy-moron or simply moron? What the hell? 

Hey... Chemistry and morons. Another oxymo? Those who have studied adv. chemistry would deny!

You think am crazy and I think you're.  Crazy me is equals to crazy you, cancellation on both sides and there's the answer. You and me! This signifies what? Simple. When we are together, there is intellectuality, rationalism, sense and peace. Anything but that mutual craziness.

Well... Do you believe that? I mean you me and logic? 

What the hell! Give me some oxygen, am going moronic!!