Friday, July 27, 2007


Naked... yet so Complete.

Tell me why ??

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Hour Left...

Exactly an hour left in my 20th birthday... I'm done with my teenage. It has been a life in itself. School, sports, relations, family, ghoomna phirna.. colony, REC, college, accidents... these 19 years of life has been like a roller coaster.

I have already started getting birthday wishes... I hope I get loadss of them!! At this moment of time, I 'm also going through a self reclamation phase... getting back to my core! I don't wanna hurt anyone. I don't wanna hurt her..! If this is My day, I have one very special wish to make...Oh God! Please give me strength to make a positive impact in people's lives.. and you have to do it! I know you 're listening.. God!

Feel like writing more but ... may be some other time!

My Birthday!! yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!! :D

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Your Birthdate: July 23

You're not good at any one thing, and that's the problem.
You're good at so much - you never know what to do.
Change is in your blood, and you don't stick to much for long.
You are destined for a life of travel and fun.

Your strength: Your likeability

Your weakness: You never feel satisfied

Your power color: Bright yellow

Your power symbol: Asterisk

Your power month: May

I still remember it...

samandar ki lehrein hain...
saahilon pe tanhaa...
samandar ke ander tou, pur-hujoom lagti hain...
par saahilon pe aatey hi, lagh rahi hain tanhaa..
hum hain maa-nind inn lehron key...
insaanon ke is samandar mein...
dil ke is saahil par...
beh rahey hain tanhaa..
jee rahey hain tanhaa....

98% SEXY!!!

I just took a online test " R U SEXY?"... hehe! lemme tell ya my results..

For Self-Image:
12% scored higher,7% scored the same, and 81% scored lower.

For Confidence:

7% scored higher,5% scored the same, and 88% scored lower.

For Attitude:
5% scored higher,2% scored the same, and 93% scored lower.

3% scored higher,1% scored the same, and 96% scored lower.

Your Analysis

Here is a quick summary of your sexiness:

Image: You scored very high on the self-image attribute. Congratulations, you seem to take good care of yourself, and others can see this. Keep this up, it only makes you sexy!

Confidence: You are a highly confident person. This is great! People want to be around you, they want to know your opinion, and they have much respect you. Your confidence is sexy!

Attitude: Wow! Your attitude is great! You probably have many friends because you are very understanding and patient of most everyone. This makes you sexy to many.

Overall: You're God-Like
Sexy .

Now... what do u say?? hehe! These Online tests are grrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaattttttt, man!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Religious festivities are on roll... enjoying every bit of it. Though its a bit embarassing sometimes that after playing rasuras till 12, chatting and pranking around till 4.... I immediately sleep avoiding prayers. We are amazing people no? As persistent as a dog's tail! [but I feel proud when someone calls me a Dog... It re-defines my loyalty and barking ability] hah!

Uni starts on 17th... :s

and my birthday is onnnn!!!

I am! Am I?

Wow! Last 15 days have been like life itself... unpredictable and "fuckingly" awesome! July 1, I was in the bus traveling to Lahore with a bunch of smoking, stinking "brothers" of mine. No one believes that I travelled via bus and didnt get ill all through the conference... not even a headache!!! 6 days at the conference were awesome... I have soooo much to write about it but may be some other time!

After the conference, that is from 6th eve to 8th eve, we stayed at a local motel [We for me, Rahim and the other Rahim]. It was fun! The best part was our visit to Wagah Border... you know that place has amazing feel... standing just couple of steps away from the part of land called India, I felt like hugging each one of the Indian standing there... Those gates.. appeared so meaningless [and how can I forget Eesha...]

Lahore has its own flavor.. what they say "Lahore, Lahore hai!"... I enjoyed the Lahori experience!
Returning from the conference, I found a very wierd atmosphere at my home... people ignoring each other... debating on things which merely deserved a laugh... Disappointed, my mood immediately swung from extremely pleasent to a disaster... I yelled alot, asked too many questions... Damn!!
But now, no more!! This is not me... I know 'm different. I lost my essence somewhere... but I will get that back real soon again... I dont belong to the "sadistic" and "depressed" lobby!! I 'm bigger.. I'm beyond that. I wont die this easily... I'm myself!