Sunday, January 20, 2008

Being Beautiful...

I kept on staring at this picture for very long. Trying to comprehend which emotion or emotions does this picture exactly portray? Desire or Anger? Seclusion or Seduction?... Self defense or Self detestation? What is she exactly yearning for? Love? Lust? Sex? Salvation? Escape?

No. Words can not simplify her.

She is indeed extremely beautiful. And this picture is certainly one of the finest I've seen in some time. The multitude of emotion, the UN-identified sensation do exemplify my concept of beauty to an extent. Beauty [to me] is dimension less. It doesn't mean it has nothing to say, but it says so much, it has so many distinctive yet complementing dimensions that it produces a sensation that talks with the purity. That motion less purity mesmerizes and takes you the the point from where every emotion stretches it's delicate arms and embraces the seeker. Amazing it is. We so easily keep on missing that point all our lives.

Beauty is not about color. It's not about how you look. It's doesn't care about how "in-shape" you are or how well dressed. But beauty in it's truest lies in the bluntness of emotions. In the roughness of expression. It exists in the sensations. Not just in face, but it resides in every movement of your existence. Every part of your body, every thought of your mind, every feel of your heart produces a vibe. Something that is worth feeling. Something that is beautiful. Something that is magical.

I want to find that beauty in every mortal I meet. I want to feel that bluntness. That rawness. And the day when someone would find beauty in me, well... I'd take that someone to coffee!! :)
Monday, January 21, 2008
1:13 AM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is writing my hobby?

Being a person who loves to observe and absorb, it's difficult to restrain the self from expression. So here I am. But I still maintain on what I decided few days ago. From now on, I won't be writing anything about my life or certain emotional leakages. No more blog soaking. But nevertheless, the chases and observations are going to be mine. The 'Chasing' continues... Probably, for people like me, there is just no end to the quest. The search. The Chase. But I'm happy. Since I know it's me.