Friday, February 14, 2014

Because no one is like you - IV

Ours seems like a very interesting story in the making. Enriched or marred by the distance between us, I don't know. But the distance that we have traveled together, places we have been to, that too so early in our relationship, do most certainly give us some exclusivity. Today as I am heated here in Kampala at around 25 degrees, you are on the other side, battling with such harsh cold. But our hearts do beat together. Our love, not in the physical sense, keeps us warm. And I would want it to continue doing that. I want myself and our love to be like a shelter for you, both at the times when you are gearing up to face the world as well as when you are tired, wanting to just come back and confide.

I don't know how our story will unfold in the future. And to tell you, I have now started to think about future more than ever before. Know, that I feel more involved with you than I have ever been before, that you have already so naturally become the focal point of my life; and that life without you seem incomplete. 

Thinking about how much you love me, and that you miss me when I am not around, makes me happy in such a strange way. With so much love flowing between and within us, I do not wish for us to stay away for too long. Either I should come there or you should head back, we need to sleep, every night, with arms around each other. I want to wake up to your face, I want to have breakfast with you every.single.morning, I want to see you dress up for work, I want to help you choose what to wear, sometimes help you wearing it as well...

I just miss you so much tonight.

Happy 'first' Valentines Day, my love!