Monday, February 11, 2008


Time spent with friends defines Life! Pranks, debates, teas, BBQs, style, music, dance, smoke, laugh, laugh, laugh. Here, the fun never stops!

Nothing can be compared to it! Nothing.

22nd Decemeber, 2007. 2nd day of Eid!
Time: 4:30 AM
Venue: Jahangir terrace!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sunday nights! They have a funny name no? "Sun-Day-Nights"? I think saturday nights are far sunnier than sunday nights. Sunday nights do have sun in their name, but then "Naam mei kia rakha hai"! They are all too gloomy, lethargic and quiet. Quietness prior storm. Night prior Monday. Well not exactly are they quiet, but putting the feel of them in words is a tricky job to do. Scheduling stuff, ironing clothes, completing assignments, family get togethers... ahhhh! In a normal Sunday Night , the day is to sleep and the night is to get things ready! *yawnss*


"baby baby yes MamAaa! eating Shuugar no maMaa.. Open ur mouth Hahaha"!!!


" a for apple.. b for ball.. c for cat... d for??? doggyyyy...."

This is all I keep on listening throughout the day. Well..! My 2 year old nephew takes amazing pride in teaching me , "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday"!!

Wow! Such a week is soooooooooooooo desirable! just have a second look at it. 5 days a week plus 2 sundays!!! And two sun-day-nights! And being a Pakistani, I 've the ultimate privilege of enjoying a "half day" on fridays! so its like 2.5 days working and 2.5 days off!! Ultimate...!

Let us all sing that old 'feel good' song "Bachey maan ke sachey....."


If life is a week long, I wish to die before sunday morning!