Monday, November 07, 2011

What Matters...

Four generations reside my home; from ninety years old grandma to my year old niece, all under one roof. How does it feel? Fun, hectic even chaotic at times but an absolute privilege in its true sense. Something that really deserves to be valued and treasured. Each day, I get to see life's full circle; when both my grandma and niece look for help to get them to the other room. Its a beautiful transition to observe really; and completely awe inspiring to think that almost a century stands between them.

How have things changed in these eighty odd years? How different, in principle, will life of my niece be from that of her great grandmother.

The world around us has radically changed in last couple of decades, no question in that. But how has this change affected our inner selves is highly subjective and variable. Our values, traditions... are they evolving from the curse of barbarism or heading towards it? Is this an escape? Or a salvation. Are we sowing right seeds for the future?

Generations before us have seen unbelievably rough times. My parents, their parents. It makes me sad at times; to see how atrocious life has been to them, and they to each other. But it gives my life a direction too, never allows me lose my way. When I take my mother's wrinkled wobbling hand into mine, I see that it is not just because of her age... it has really been a tough journey. I take pride in how I have been brought up but that hasn't blinded me. Well, not completely would say. I recognize those beautiful loving faces surrounding me, and all that hard work they have put in to see us through.

When I was in school, my father never came for those parents-teacher meetings. It felt strange. I don't remember when was the last time he asked me what I really want to do in my career or life ahead. But today when I see my brother giving extra attention to my nephew's education, I feel that this man, my dad may not have done everything right but yes he did sow seeds of evolution somewhere on the way.

My nephews and nieces will have a better life than us. We, the generation of present have to ascertain this. The non-negotiable integrity, the character should evolve, even in this precarious world of modernity.