Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Major "GENERAL" Nothing!

I'm not really someone who loves to simplify. Nor do I believe in generalizations. I think that generalities survive merely in science books and the real world is far too slippery for the generals and ideals to stand. But sometimes, coming across the same things and people every other day, the desire to explore everything distinctively blurs away. Even though its for a very short time, I do get expecting and identifying the same attributes in everyone. And I think its happens with everyone of us. Facing the same thing 10 times, you are bound to foresee it coming again. You might wish for something different but you will expect the same! 

I'm happy that these simplifications and generalizations don't lasts long. At least in my life. No matter how monotonous that whining and giggling might get, I feel I still have that much desire, that much energy to listen to them and isolate at least one note that really makes the difference. A note that defines individualism.

Tuesday, 08 May, 2008
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Madonna - Heartbeat

Once I am moving, I'm alright

I can keep on going through the night...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mean in Less

Old friends, wacky pathani jokes, good food... Synonyms. Oh we all were laughing so much that night. Amazing stories we all had, about lives, its weird situations and of course, about our better halves. 

And there she said, pointing her finger somewhere :

"Look! I want to go that far"

"Where? Moon? "

"Kion bai Kamila? Imran se bhaag rahi ho? "

She doesn't hear that. Smiles and goes on with her meal.



"Meinney poocha Imran se bhaag rahi ho?"


"Tou phir chand par ussey saath le jaogi?"

"Chand? What chand? Kon jaa raha hai chand par?"

"Arey tum..."


"Uffff!! Kamila.. Rehney do!"

Hmmmm... nature can stir you in so many ways. Inspire you stimulate you , bring out the treasured from within. That scenic beauty of a full moon delighted and then connected her with nothing but herself. Symbolic, an omen that she is surrounded by nothing but herself. Its not moon, now its her destiny. She can see it, she knows its right there...   

Listen to those echoes of nobody, its only natural. Dance as those raindrops sanctify everything... See those birds as they fly... higher and higher,  just like you dreams. Follow them. Bring them back. Love them and pamper. And then... let them fly again. 

Close your eyes. Is it still all black?

I'm not sure. 

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Being Beautiful - Revisited

I kept on staring at this picture for very long. Trying to comprehend which emotion or emotions does this picture exactly portray? Desire or Anger? Seclusion or Seduction?... Self defense or Self detestation? What is she exactly yearning for? Love? Lust? Sex? Salvation? Escape?

No. Words can not simplify her.

She is indeed extremely beautiful. And this picture is certainly one of the finest I've seen in some time. The multitude of emotion, the UN-identified sensation do exemplify my concept of beauty to an extent. Beauty [to me] is dimension less. It doesn't mean it has nothing to say, but it says so much, it has so many distinctive yet complementing dimensions that it produces a sensation that talks with the purity. That motion less purity mesmerizes and takes you the the point from where every emotion stretches it's delicate arms and embraces the seeker. Amazing it is. We so easily keep on missing that point all our lives.

Beauty is not about color. It's not about how you look. It's doesn't care about how "in-shape" you are or how well dressed. But beauty in it's truest lies in the bluntness of emotions. In the roughness of expression. It exists in the sensations. Not just in face, but it resides in every movement of your existence. Every part of your body, every thought of your mind, every feel of your heart produces a vibe. Something that is worth feeling. Something that is beautiful. Something that is magical.

Monday, January 21, 2008
1:13 AM

Dedicated to feminine beauty.