Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Nation without Women

The door opened with a piercing sound... In came Kiran running like a wild bird. Her self was drenched in sweat.. her hands trembling... Her eyes wide open.. Like a bird just being unchained and relocated to a cage.. A cage called Ethics.. A cage of so called "Religion". She sat right next to her mother without having a thought that the only difference between herself and her mom is that her mom got wrecked some 30 years before her..

"Maa... Is it crime to be a woman??" " I don't want to live maa... I want to sleep in your lap, forever. I feel scared... of those eyes, of those hands who desire to check me like I am just a piece of meat.. "Am I just a piece of flesh?" "Soney dey maa... bahar buhat andheraa hai, abhi subah honey mein buhat waqt hai.. likin mujhey yakeen hai.. subah hogi... hogi na maa??"

"Haan beta zarur hogi... tu soja.. jab tu uthey gi, subah hogi!!"


Those who study or have studied at the University of Karachi or have any friends studying there, might know that the most extensively visited places in the campus are PG[prem gali], PC and the Terminal. For those who don't know, PG is a gali just behind the university's Central Library. PC is the canteen of Department of Pharmacy [Lovingly called PC] and Terminal is the point from where one gets on the university bus. All these places appear different but they all serve for one common purpose...

" yaar woh dekh.. kia maal hai baap.."

I being the very part of this sort of a culture, live in a confused state of mind almost all the time. Should I enjoy all this [which sometimes I do]? Should I accept it as normal part of human nature??

But... somewhere I feel nauseated.

My friends enjoy it. When our nutrition professor asked us to write an article on hot issues regarding diet and nutrition, topics such as Lactation, Breast feeding, pregnancy became an issue for everyone to have fun about.. well, fun might not be the right word.. "Gandha Mazakh!!"

It's a blessing that mothers don't get to hear views of their breast feeded snakes!!

A month back, when I came back from Lahore... everyone was interested in knowing whether I got a chance to visit Heera Mandi.. It felt alot bad and a little amused at my stupidity. I thought Badshahi Mosque, Datta Sahab and Meenar are the main places to see. [But don't you worry my friends.. next time I would make sure I see Lahore's main attraction. The "Asli Heera"!!]

It's not always like guys are the real culprits but everything runs through a trigonal system... some become hunters as they are the ones to get the "chance". Then there are some wearing a tag of "shareef aadmi" which society honours them with, wait for the day.. when they can also hunt...

and there is a third type.. who peacefully but invitingly waits for someone to hunt them.. [And peaceful waiting is an oxymoron]...

And there is me. I personally feel I belong to all three of dimensions. But at times, waiting for my bus, standing in a queue, people watching... I start feeling that we all are living in a red light area.. because more or less, one day or another... we all are stripping someone. Good bad I don't know... but we fantasize.. to calm down our sexually frustrated inner self which suddenly awakens when eyes with "get naked" cycle aims at the meat of our own mother and sisters..

Gustaaqkh Nigaahein, Be-Bakh Alfaaz.. Hawwas ke ghulam Demaagh... we are marching towards a place which we don't know, we arn't answerable to anyone but God.. but we must think... mixing lust with love is like mixing Satan with God...

And to all my friends... "Please respect Woman!" PLEASE... because if we continue destroying them with our eyes, minds, words, rules, actions... this nation will soon be a nation with thousands of mere bodies but a Nation Without Woman.

Honour them. Let them flow. They are certainly the most beautiful creation of the Great warm mother like... God.

Wednesday, 29th Aug, 2007
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Objet Trouvé

The Naked Dance of Fate...

Do check this place in coming few days... I might be writing strongest I 've for last 3,4 years...

Tuesday, 28th Aug, 2007
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Month, Two Movies & Countless Thoughts

O my lovely enduring blog... I'm back!!! Yeah I know you feel bad when I go completely outta touch.. but believe me, I never forget you! Yess it's true!!! Promise!! Happy nowwwwww??



Well the date was 27th July, when I wrote "Naked". At this frame of time, I don't remember what exactly I was thinking and thinking 'about' that time... and to tell you honestly, I cant really figure out what I'm thinking and thinking 'about' even right now. No I'm not confused.. but may be I'm thinking about maaaannnnyy many things these days. And yesss... I did watch two movies too. 'Life in a Metro' and 'Bheja Fry'. Both movies very different from each other but both enjoyable. Bheja Fry was absolutely a stress buster. Hilarious!! with a capital H.

I feel, had there been abit more of fine tuning in the movie Metro, it could've been a path breaking experience. But onething is for sure, the characters this movie portrays... they are going to remain in my memory for quite sometime to come. Sharman Joshi was exceptional.. So were Shilpa, Shiney, Konkana, Kay Kay and Dharmendra . But the two characters that really touched me inside were by Irrfan Khan and Nafisa Ali. Irrfan was so natural and amazingly balanced. The sequences between Nafisa Ali and Dharmendra were very sensitive and heart touching indeed. Somewhere deep inside me, I have always wished for this kind of love.. Love that is pure, unconditional and so earthy. I thought about this alot for couple of days and I feel that it isn't always necessary that your love life should be something resembling to the fairytales, it's not always necessary that your love is attainable, it's not necessary always to do big and flamboyant things to express how much you love... the expression is like a prayer.. done anywhere, about anything, doesn't always require words and is very natural! YES!!! Prayers and wishes are the most natural belongings we have.. that's why they may also get silly at times.. and to whom do you pray?? well it brings me to an expression I quite often make.. "Love in it's purest is God".

Apart from all this, my association with my characters has strengthen in last few weeks. I can vividly see now that they are much more complex than I thought they actually are.. you know what does that mean?? More mood swings!!

Two days back, a friend of mine offered me a drink which he claimed gives amazing tranquility and peace of mind. I refused. Let's see how long I can keep on refusing....

August 20,2007
12:32 AM