Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pump IT!

183cm, 158lbs... that's my physical worth. Yeah yeah, you can go on tallying those uncongenial elements and glorify imprecision. Yes you can really do that. Somehow with time, I have developed [perhaps intentionally] this very proclivity for criticism. It's an interesting phenomenon and it keeps people busy. Just a close look to understand that unpredictable actions would generate unpredictable reactions, often volatile. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't. But almost every time they have something to say. Its a hobby and I find it exciting to hear what people say. I love to draw a line on the canvas and let others sketch around it. Now this is one BIG idea... one would not get shattered or demoralized by UN-called criticism if he gets this. It's about the line, not about the being who drew it.

I find it quite amusing. Time and time again, I deliberately do things that would provoke them and aggravate their cravings for criticism. Time and time again, I draw something basic over a blank page and move ahead... leaving those saintly pseudos and minnows busy.

Anyone can do it. You just got to be strong, and bouncing and funny. By choice. Its shining everywhere!

Image: nocturnalMOTH - Deviantart

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dhan Ta Nan

Revolutionists, capitalists, socialists, 14th August nationalists... fans of Zaid Hamid, Zakir Naik and Beyonce... Hajis and moulvis and percussionists... Strippers of Madonna and guardians of Sakeena.. Jeans with light kurta and heels in tight burqa... Lesser humans, greater angels... Whiter blacks and blacker whites...

I think I've said too much... but haven't said it all.


Urdu is my national language, English is the official. Provincially, I'm Sindhi and religiously I'm an Arab. My mother comes from a Bengali-Urdu background and my father speaks Gujarati. I'm learning French and sometimes like to watch Hindi movies...

Sounds Wow?

Tell me, isn't it a shame that I don't have command even over ONE of these languages?


We are good people, I don't question this. And I agree that culture is a blend of so many dimensions... but aisa bhi kiya!


I believe, what we take... doesn't shape our destiny,

What we leave...