Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Your mettle is tested every now and then. Just when you start thinking that you might have all the answers, life so artistically changes the questions. Questions irrelevant to answers; questions incompetent of any definite conclusions. Life's a mess, a problematic affair if you take it that way. Boring, customary and strictly sensible. But on the other way, it is a myth. Just like a hidden treasure. It gets interesting and significantly magical the moment one understands the prank behind it.

In our lives, being sensible and logical can be boring because we so consistently relate it to the net outcome. The conclusive part; the final result. I believe logic should be understood like something inherent, something beautifully cultivated across the procedure, the course of action. Being logical or intellectual should not be considered as being mechanical. Anyway, anywhere. Being logical should be as good looking as being humane. It should be as warm as a motherly hug and as emotional as the first love. Like some close friends enjoying a game of chess. Like a child sitting along with his papa trying to fit jigsaw pieces together. Like two lovers discussing Rumi. Long walks. Beach.

Its disappointing to feel it. Feel that we are fast losing that breathing intellect that we all have. We are not exercising it. Stretching it. Friends meet at Sheesha and discuss their babes, lovers meet and they think they talk about love. 16 17 18 years of age, talking hours on the phone? 'Dou ruppey mein aik ganta baat'? You attend a lecture and the professor, who happens to be an eminent scientist fails to understand the simple philosophy that binds all the scientific theories and evolutions together. He fails to understand and then, fails to deliver. Quite obviously. And the chain goes on... Being mechanically focused on the net outcome. An unsatisfying journey to the center of nowhere land.

I believe we need to learn, and quickly. We don't have to be anyone else to be logical. Just being human again would be critical for the years to come.