Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I don't love her the way you think I do. No sir but you got it wrong. Yes I love but Aasma is more like my imaginary sibling. A girl living life slightly above the normal level. Yes I haven't told anyone about her but what can I do? She is not like us you know. She has more to herself than those cruel logical barriers and fragile emotional wedges, which make us all suffer so much. Daily. Every hour, every minute, every second. She doesn't know how to decorate and revamp herself into someone more relevant to societal norms. Worst possible fashion sense by far yet the most compelling epitome of feminism you would ever come across. Shining like a pearl, the unmatched capacity of her love, the unmistakable intensity of her dreams and the nonnegotiable strength of her character distinguishes her from everyone else around her. I am so proud of her you know. So proud.


Its difficult for me to understand the idea of "Shaana ba shaana", men and women being equal. Men can never be so beautiful you know. Its more like finding similarities between a factory product and a handmade art piece. They can never be judged on a same scale, they can never be defined in broad category even when dealing with oversimplifications of civil rights. The structure, function, significance.. it can never be equal or identical you know. It should never be.

The delicacy of a feminine soul is mesmerizing. A magical touch in her body. Its never too rough, Its never too bold, overexposed, disgraced. Never too loud but calm like an ocean. Strong like an ocean. Deep like an ocean. A whole world within. Colors, creatures, images, lives. Few wrecked ships.. emotions, few untold unheard stories.. all deep down within.. and yet so quiet.

This is how I feel.

Friends often ask when would I get married. I don't have an answer to that. But one thing is for sure, it'd very interesting.. very real.

image: Eyes by Soumiita

Saturday, August 14, 2010



I am never too eager to go home. Don't know, have been just like this. Friends at university used to call me 'Ghar se nikala howa', and I agree they had their justified reasons for it. For 4 years, I have spent hours in cafes, pathani dhabas and on road. Just moving yahan se wahan. Random. It has its own charm you know. When you have friends, it feel like an ultimate ecstasy. Just plain raw energy making you believe that yes, everything is achievable. Its never too dark when you have friends.. Its never too hopeless.

Whatever I learned from those seemingly insignificant chats with my best buddies over chai has stayed within me. Those amusing pranks, entertaining stories and innumerable fun filled moments have really made the difference. Sounds different but I absolutely believe that your friends in longer terms, define your character. Your true identity.