Friday, July 29, 2011

Savor Life!

It was a cold, blustery December evening; the year was 2007 I think. Me and few of my colleagues occupied doing something so usual; squashing breasts and breaking legs at some local roadside (dhaba) restaurant, mapping grandeur of our futuristic but nonexistent start-ups. Slightly irrational, majorly unrefined and completely unconventional.. everything appeared so normal. And then, we felt one baba standing at some distance from us. He was in his advanced age. Short, ragged and severely unprotected, perhaps unfed for at least a couple of days. Soon we realized that he wasn't really a beggar, as his pushcart was parked a couple of meters away from his place. Calm and quiet, we didn't know for how long he had been here watching us without uttering a single word.

Friend: "Jii baba, kuch chahiye?"

Baba without saying anything singled 'one' with his finger

My friend read his clue and offered one naan to him

At that very moment, one middle age woman equally ragged came rushing towards us and stopped right next to baba. This usually happens that when you try to help someone poor, the others (either really deprived or mere impostors) who always have their eyes in, sprint towards you to try out their chances. I won't call it a business but this can be one way of living. And something similar had happened here..

Woman: "Beta, kuch roti dila do, ghar pe bachey bhukey hain.."

My friend looked at us and smiled.. "Lo bhaiye.. aik aur.. Jao amma maaf kero!"

What happened then came crashing on us, trouncing our intellectually inflated minds, humbling us to our deepest core..

That baba who appeared so helpless, who quite evidently seemed starving, who himself had asked us for food, tore into two that single piece of bread we had offered him and extended it to that woman. It was stunning, I can not explain the sheer power of that moment. He smiled at her, kept his half bread in his handbag and walked away..


Nature has its own ways to reveal magnanimity.. Life is not just a cluster of meek, cagey familiarities.. Greatness comes in all form..

So much from God
That I can no longer

A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim,
a Buddhist, a Jew.

The Truth has shared so much of Itself
With me

That I can no longer call myself
A man, a woman, an angel,
Or even a pure

Love has
Befriended Hafiz so completely
It has turned to ash
And freed

Of every concept and image
my mind has ever known.

- Hafiz

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Colored Toys

When I bring to you colored toys, my child,
I understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water,
and why flowers are painted in tints
When I sing to make you dance
I truly know why there is music in leaves,
and why waves send their chorus of voices to the heart of the listening earth
When I bring sweet things to your greedy hands
I know why there is honey in the cup of the flowers
and why fruits are secretly filled with sweet juice
When I kiss your face to make you smile, my darling,
I surely understand what pleasure streams from the sky in morning light,
and what delight that is which the summer breeze brings to my body
when I kiss you to make you smile.

- Tagore

Friday, July 08, 2011

Husn e Haqiqi - Beauty of Truth

Ai husne haqiqi noor e azalO' Beauty of Truth, the Eternal Light!
Tenu waajib te imkaan kahunDo I call you necessity and possibility,
Tenu khalik zaat qadeem kahunDo I call you the ancient divinity,
Tenu haadis khalq jahan kahunThe One, creation and the world,
Tenu mutlaq mehez wajood kahunDo I call you free and pure Being,
Tenu almiya ayaan kahunOr the apparent lord of all,
Arvaah nafoos aqool kahunDo I call you the souls, the egos and the intellects,
Ashbaa iyaan nehaan kahunThe imbued manifest, and the imbued hidden,
Tenu ain haqeeqat maahiyatThe actual reality, the substance,
Tenu arz sifat te shaan kahunThe word, the attribute and dignity,
Anvaah kahun auzaah kahunDo I call you the variety, and the circumstance,
Atvaar kahun auzaan kahunThe demeanor, and the measure,
Tenu arsh kahun aflaak kahunDo I call you the throne and the firmament,
Tenu naaz naeem janaan kahunAnd the demurring delights of Paradise,
Tenu tat jamaad nabaat kahunDo I call you mineral and vegetable,
Haivaan kahun insaan kahunAnimal and human,
Tenu masjid mandir dair kahunDo I call you the mosque, the temple, the monastery,
Tenu pothi te quran kahunThe scriptures, the Quran,
Tasbeeh kahun zunnaar kahunThe rosary, the girdle,
Tenu kufr kahun imaan kahunGodlessness, and faith,
Tenu baadal barkha gaaj kahunDo I call you the clouds, the flash, the thunder,
Tenu bijli te baraan kahunLightning and the downpour,
Tenu aab kahun kahun tenu khaak kahunWater and earth,
Tenu baad kahun neeraan kahunThe gust and the inferno,
Tenu dasrat lichman raam kahunDo I call you Lakshmi, and Ram,
Tenu sita ji janaan kahunand the lovely Sita
Baldev jasuda nand kahunBaldev, Shiv, Nand, and Krishna,
Tenu kishan kanhaya kaan kahunkishan, kanhaiyaa and kaan
Tenu barhma bishan ganesh kahunBrahma, Vishnu and Ganesh,
Mahadev kahun bhagvaan kahunMahadev and Bhagvaan,
Teni geet granth te bed kahunDo I call you the Gita, the Granth, and the Ved,
Tenu gyaan kahun agyaan kahunKnowledge and the unknowable,
Tenu ibrahim hawa shees kahunDo I call you Abraham, Eve and Seth,
Tenu nooh kahun tufaan kahunNoah and the deluge,
Tenu ibrahim khaleel kahunAbraham the friend,
Tenu musa bin imran kahunand Moses son of Amran,
Tenu har dil da dildaar kahundarling of every heart
Tenu ahmad aalishaan kahunAnd Ahmad the glorious
Tenu shaahid malk hijaaz kahunDo I call you the witness, the Lord, or Hejaz,
Tenu baais kaun makaan kahunThe awakener, existence, or the point,
Tenu naaz kahun andaaz kahunDo I call you admiration or prognosis,
Tenu hoor pari ghilmaan kahunNymph, fairy, and the young lad,
Tenu nouk kahun tenu ttouk kahunThe tip and the nip,
Tenu surkhi beerha paan kahunAnd the redness of betel leaves,
Tenu tabla te tamboor kahunThe Tabla and Tanpura,
Tenu dholak surr te taan kahunThe drum, the notes and the improvisation,
Tenu husn te haar singhaar kahunDo I call you beauty and the fragrant flower,
Tenu ashwa ghamza aan kahunCoyness and that amorous glance,
Tenu ishq kahun tenu ilm kahunDo I call you Love and knowledge,
Tenu vehem yaqeen gumaan kahunSuperstition, belief, and conjecture,
Tenu husn kavi idraak kahunThe beauty of power, and conception,
Tenu zauk kahun wajdaan kahunAptitude and ecstasy,
Tenu sakar kahun sakraan kahunDo I call you intoxication and the drunk,
Tenu hairat te hairaan kahunAmazement and the amazed,
Tasleem kahun talveen kahunSubmission and the connection,
Tamkeen kahun irfaan kahunCompliance and Gnosticism,
Tenu sumbal sosan sarv kahunDo I call you the Hyacinth, the Lilly, and the Cypress,
Tenu nargis nafarmaan kahunAnd the rebellious Narcissus,
Tenu laale daagh te baagh kahunThe bereaved Tulip,
Gulzaar kahun bustaan kahunthe Rose garden, and the orchard,
Tenu khanjar teer tufang kahunDo I call you the dagger, the lance, and the rifle,
Tenu barcha bank sanaan kahunThe hail, the bullet, the spear,
Tenu teer khidang kamaan kahunThe arrows made of white poplar, and the bow,
Soofaar kahun peekaan kahunThe arrow-notch, and the arrowhead,
Berang kahun bemisal kahunDo I call you colorless, and unparalleled,
Besoorat har har aan kahunFormless in every instant,
Subooh kahun qudoos kahunGlory and holiness,
Rehman kahun subhaan kahunMost glorious and most compassionate,
Kar taubaa tart Fareed sadaRepent now Farid forever!
Har sheh nu par nuksaan kahunFor whatever I may say is less,
Tenu paak alakh be aib kahunDo I call you the pure and the humane,
Tenu haq be naam nishaan kahun The Truth without trace or name.