Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Man, Mind, Mint.

Well... This wasn't planned. I was supposed to complete my Engineering reports by tonight but this blustery weather didn’t let me to do so. The blustery weather. Of me. Within me. Beyond me. And since I feel "single handed" in nights for a very specific period of time [lasting 30-60 minutes], it hurts me when I don’t write much. It hurts because writing is something I enjoy and believe am good at, no matter how unexciting and uninteresting my subjects might get for people.

Life is reluctantly studious these days. I like working like a robot. Actually living a life, robotic. What else do you expect from a full time student surrounded by people with intellectually tired minds? And foul-smelling, love finding, sex seeking humanity. And me? I'm no intellectual. I don’t like thinking about "sex without love" anymore. Just read my sentence twice. I can think about having sex without being in love. But thinking this way makes me hate myself. And this is something I just hate too much. Self detestation. HMMMMmmm.. And what about finding love??? Well.. I'm too reluctantly studious these days [a second mention!!]... And, well, what else you expect from a “full time student?" *smiles*...

Since I’ve come back from Islamabad, I'm on a potential high. I mean, it feels good when your friends show awe and respect to your so called abilities. It feels better when your teacher regard you as the best in the whole lot and allows you to submit your assignments even after 15 days of deadline's interment. HMMMmmm... Do you know what is the best part of all this?? The best part is to witness admiration and a sense of pride in your parent’s eyes.[and that’s includes my siblings and their spouses as well]. Simply unexplanable.

But in all this happy happy drama, there is one thing I surely learned. That one needs to constantly prove his worth. One needs to exhibit the potential, the talent. One needs to achieve. I knew that this world doesn't accept defeats and rejects defeated people. After all, who will forget that warm welcome our cricket team received after being forcibly thrown out of the World Cup...? [Man, it was so warm that blood boiled out from our eyes]. But it is just now that I came to know, that even "drawn matches" or "to be drawn matches" don’t attract anyone, much. So what happens then?? Well... Vacant seats, empty stadiums, no clapping, no whistling... and eventually no chics. But I 've full concerns with those who love. The parents, for an instance. Those poor people have no choice but to occupy some seats. They do clap on those text bookish and bookishly texted singles and occasional edges that go to the boundary. Don't doubt on it... Show me someone who has seen a coach dozing off during a match?? Bolo? Nahi na?

In short, this world needs 'Results' and that too, Fast! Does that tell you why Afridi is far more famous than Younis or even Yousuf?? Both of them do produce results but they are too studious. And the crowd is too reluctant. And me?? Well.. To mention same old nostalgic fact again... "I'm Reluctantly Studious"...

Kuch samajh aaya??

Haina? Haina? Hainnnnnnn???

Wednesday,November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Throw it awayyyyyy....

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India Pakistan match.Dhoni.Dohn.live music.beyonce.
ass.jay Z.sir Khurram. Emergencey. ban on Geo.
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bites.love making. nights. beds. condoms.university.
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ban in India. India. Pakistan. Emergency. Musharraf.
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Crime. Sanjay Dutt. Coffee. Malaika. legs. bleeding. Frustrations.love.jealousy.salimahabad .books.nani.bus.Rehmat. walking. Johny Walker.Walkman. MP3 player.expensive. camera. photography. serena.Islamabad.mornings.birds.PETA.Mukta.wit.boy friend. shopping.Mumbai. Pani puri. Sea. walk on beach. love making. me. you. love. relationship.cars.loans.cultus.city.alto.
Throwing goes on n on n on.......