Monday, January 18, 2010

This Very Spirit!

"Makers are Men, Creators are Leaders... be careful what kinda leaders you're producing here..."

Can you identify with this line? Its from the classic 'The Scent of a Woman'. Al Pacino. In fact all that he speaks for in that ultimate portion, for around two and a half minutes can well be set as a benchmark to define partially misunderstood and partially neglected concept of leadership. A notion that is so decisive, a notion that is so humane.

Integrity, courage, compassion. Shouldn't this define a true leader? A character that stands dignified under pressure? Or someone crumbling with the burden of self? Someone taking trivial and insignificant pieces of his ragged life too seriously? Someone has to think beyond loss gain and everything between the two. Someone has to go beyond black white and gray. And millions and billions and zeroes. Someone.

When things get tougher, when the light's on you... just don't run away. Let this very spirit, take decisions.